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Serving co-founders and their leadership teams

My purpose is to impact people and companies today and every day to break through roadblocks, challenge the status quo, and achieve their full potential in the most optimal way possible.

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Executive Coaching

When you need a creative solution or a sounding board for sticky issues while being a product-focused leader managing high-growth talent -- let's kick some butt together, because I know we can

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Fractional COO

When in need of an operations and strategy "fixer" for early-stage companies -- without the long-term staffing or cash commitment -- to lay the foundation for scaling

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A visitor to a zen garden remarked that the place was so peaceful and gorgeous. "I love the simplicity of just three rocks."  The garden's owner smiled and responded, "yes, it has taken me 40 years to place these three rocks in the perfect way, and I shall spend the next 40 seeing if I can accomplish the same with only two rocks."

About Me

Expert Speaker

Guiding "hard tech" leaders on hacks to exceed their potential


Writings on consciously building better businesses

Small Batch Coffee Roaster

Roasting coffee beans from Latin America in a style lighter and bolder than the average roaster

Simplicity Activist

Building the non-consumption company

Seed Investor

Playing a tiny role in helping builders build a better world

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