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Executive Coaching with Shaun Arora

Cofounders and their leadership teams sometimes get stuck on an annoying issue that slows down their momentum, or have habits that hold the company back. I help them level-up their leadership and unlock their potential to scale to the current and future demands of the role. 


Startups are hard. They can be easier with a little support. 

My coaching superpowers are my ability to help executives see the signal under the noise of behavior, feelings, and emotions. I tend to grasp the context rapidly and not waste energy on platitudes.

People seek me out for my ability to see creative solutions and move multiple objectives in parallel.

I serve cofounders and their leadership teams. I help ask the right questions and share what I have seen work (and what hasn’t). I work primarily with tech founders at the Series A level who have approx. 10 employees and a line of sight to 100 FTEs.


I am proud to have helped thousands of founders, builders, and executives break through their roadblocks. Reach out if you are curious how I can support you and your business. Always a sucker for a good underdog story ;-)



"Our conversations with Shaun are consistently centering and his questions and perspectives are impactful and actionable! He holistically helps us think through areas we are navigating which are most helpful to the business. We always leave our calls with actionable followups which support the next phases and create plans that drive real results on everything from team to sales. Thank you, Shaun!"

Christine Schindler, CEO @ PathSpot

Shaun has Coached Leaders at the Following Companies:

What are the next steps? 


Let's evaluate if we would work well together prior to jumping into a meeting. I use a combination of Google Forms, emails, and asynchronous video tools to help us get acquainted prior to an introductory call.


To start the process, fill out the form using the link to the right. 


Evaluate if we are a good match


Let's have a 25-minute call together to see if we are a match for a longer-term coaching arrangement.


See the booking calendar below to find a time that can work for the both of us:


You know me. You know what you want. You understand the terms and you have money to spend! Go ahead and sign up for a coaching package. 


Contract and Align Scope


Let's align the stakeholders involved in starting a successful coaching engagement. Do all founders need to be involved, or is there a Board member, Chief People Officer, or Head of HR who is leading this effort?

Let's understand the scope of our work. In some companies there are multiple clients receiving intensive and spot coaching. There may be team facilitation. We can also evaluate formal assessments around communications, or conduct a 360 evaluation. 

Let's also get clear on numbers. If cash payment is not reasonable given the stage of the company, perhaps a blend of cash and equity may make more sense. I am also open to all-equity scenarios. And spending money is always easier when there is a clear return on expectations, so let's start to define measurable goals. 


Click here to preview the components of a Coaching Agreement. 



Coachee clients should have a clear understanding of what is a realistic goal for our work together, and we will start to narrow on a goal. I ask coachee clients to sign this agreement to better understand the process and further clarify roles and expectations. 

Contracting. Where momentum dies!

Step 2 tends to be the most arduous. Many coaching engagements fall apart because ROI expectations and stakeholder alignments are rushed. I've learned this the hard way. 


As we head into the process, recognize that time and energy invested here will pay dividends with each person we onboard into coaching.


Coaching Begins! Uncover the Heart of the Dilemma


Build an Execution Plan


Build an Accountability Plan


Conclude and Post-Session Follow-Ups

Your agenda.
The Three Rocks process. 

Most of our interactions will be through video sessions of at least 60 minutes every two weeks. The time and focus of each session is centered around your agenda. 

A typical engagement is 10 sessions. However, several clients have reevaluated their goals and added another 10 sessions at the end of their prior 10.  


Our communication cadence will be tailored to your constraints. Ad hoc meetings in between sessions? Yes. Late night emails? Yes. 


We will continue until you feel like you have accomplished your goals or are no longer making progress with me. 


Be prepared to push and embrace the change that will bring you closer to your goals. 

Our sessions will be held in confidence. My reputation depends on it! 

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

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