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Less is more

Building the non-consumption company

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Not sure.​

We may be a community of people who feel passionate about making an impact in the world through a reduced state of consumption. That means events, forums, and more.​

We may be a startup studio kicking off a number of small companies and ideally a big company or two in the sector.​

We may be a policy or media company trying to influence public opinion.​

We may be something else.

We are open minded.

White Sand and Stone


Most solutions to waste focus on recycling or reusing items that are post-consumer, creating something that we want to consume. While it's great to reduce the amount of crap traveling to the landfill, many reclaim initiatives only delay that journey, pleading with customers to support the cause through further consumption (make-consume--repurpose-consume-trash). Fighting against consumption means finding ways to avoid the effort of people, materials, and transportation made in the initial item.​

Most approaches to a minimal lifestyle involving upgrading one part of your life for a simpler or cleaner aesthetic. While the aspiration is more in-line with what we are building, the additional consumption is a step backwards.

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Current Focus Areas

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Rescued From The Dustbin

One person's trash is another's treasure. Kintsugi is a Japanese art that takes broken pottery and makes it better. What else can we beautify?

Building a company in this space?

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Orange on Orange

Our Team

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Seeking like minded folks passionate about reducing consumption.

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I grew up alongside my manufacturing business. While I prided my team in being incredibly efficient with respect to yields and inventory, I was personally wasteful for many years and was known to hoard everything from vinyl and empty hot sauce bottles to surfboards and mp3s. I still find myself in a consumption trap from time to time.

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Semi-random thoughts around the fight against waste and over-consumption

Written Word

Amplifying voices in our good fight

Visual Story Telling

Infrequent posts that complement our beliefs

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